Energoavia − a trading name of Kernel B.V. − is a Dutch firm founded in 1992. Energoavia is specialised in international trade and logistics as well as any ensuing projects and consulting. Energoavia is mainly occupied with the delivery of equipment for the heavy machinery industry (specifically the aviation industry) and with the logistics and complete technical support of various projects. Energoavia is the specialist for the organisation and implementation of complete projects, from the moment the client has to choose the optimal technical solution up to the ordering and delivering of material and equipment to the place of destination. In this process, Energoavia assists by providing all necessary documents per project. The core activity for NORD METALLICA NEDERLAND will be all business related to sheet piling and installation equipment.

Energoavia´s clients are Russian firms, occupied with the application issues of the complex CALS-technology and with the supply of the latest technologies for aviation companies.

We believe that the success of the firm is due to innovation, flexibility, integrity and -last but not least- due to the right choice of partners. We have cooperated on various assignments for the Russian aviation industry with leading European producers of equipment, such as :
-ACB .
-ADSE B.V. .
-Blowtherm .
-Broetje automation
-Eckold. .
-Fooke GmbH
-Haeusler. .
-Ilyushin Aviation Complex .
-Makino. .
-Maschinenbau Scholz GmbH & Co. KG. .
We are convinced that we can provide excellent services in the whole process and would appreciate an opportunity to present our views in a personal meeting.